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  1. howisscott Says:

    Here’s the place you can leave all your good wishes for Scott and family! We are all thinking about you and are here to help and support you if you need us.

    Your Hitchcock Family

  2. Gene McMurray Says:

    Scott is at home resting under his mothers care..We expect that he will begin to treatment later this week…We feel that he is getting the best of care at Montefiore Pediatric Oncology….His spirits are understandably mixed but he has faced every moment of this ordeal thus far with a good attitude…..It always seems that visits from his friends gives him a boost, late afternoon and early evening are the best time, but that may change when his chemo starts……Thank you to everyone for the unbelievable support our family has recieved and I will try to keep you updated on Scotts progress…..God Bless you all and keep those prayers comming…Gene

  3. Betsy Broyd Says:

    Hey McMurrays! The Broyd family is thinking about you and Peyton in particular would like be in touch with Scott. I’m going to suggest using this blog to her. Please don’t hesitate to call on us if you need anything (even dog-sitting!)

    Betsy, Graham, James and Peyton

  4. Steve Taylor Says:

    Hello to all the McMurrays. You are in our thoughts and prayers every single day.

  5. Tim Ives Says:

    Hi Scott, Gene, Chris, and Kim, I have asked the whole church to keep you all in their prayers I hope somehow you feel the care and love that people are sending your way. We will continue to pray you well and hope you know and feel these blessings.

  6. Jenn Veres Says:

    Hi Scott, Gene, Chris and Kim!

    Just letting you all know that you’re in my prayers and I’m thinking of you all. Scott, I hope you get well soon and that I’ll see you at church sometime soon!

    ~Jenn Veres

  7. Zach Sorrow Says:

    Hey McMurray family! The Sorrow family just wanted to let you all know that you are continually in our thoughts and we really hope to see you soon. Scott, we want nothing more than to see you back in good health, and we are praying for your recovery. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

    Much love, the Sorrows

  8. Jim Buck Says:

    Hi McMurrays,
    Scott, you and your family are in our prayers. Please let us know what we can do to help.
    You are always in out thoughts.
    Jane and Jim

  9. Jeanne Billings Says:

    Scott, I just want you and your family to know that the church office is receiving tons of phone calls, emails and “drop ins” from people who are concerned about you and want to help in any way they can. For every one of these notes that are left here on your “blog”, there are at least a dozen well-wishers behind the scenes. The love is overwhelming. I only hope that you can feel it from there.

    We’re always here for you.


  10. Joanna Tsuyuki Says:

    Chris, Gene, Scott and Kim — We have a powerful, loving and gracious God who will continue to be with each one of you in ways that are unique to each. We will continue to pray that all of your needs will be met.
    Blessings to you all,
    Joanna Tsuyuki for the Tsuyuki family

  11. Martha Flanders Says:

    Dear Gene, Chris, Kim and Scott

    Just want you to know that you are in our prayers. I know Kit had wanted to hang out before she left for school.

    We love you.

    Martha Flanders and Kit and Drew Morrison.

  12. Carla, Art, Ciara and Daegan Williams Says:

    We think of your family every day, and you are in our prayers every night.

    The Williams Family

  13. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:

    Hey Scott and Family, we are thinking about you everyday. You are all in our thoughts and prayers. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

    The Hall’s

  14. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All, Scott completed his 1st round of chemo on Saturday and is feeling well….Scott and I went to his school yesterday to clean out his dorm…He is looking foward to returning….When Scott whent to Montefiore today to have some blood work done he met the young man from Scarsdale who is also dealing with cancer…I am sure they will become friends as they share experiences….thats all for now……Thank you for all the kind thoughts…Gene

  15. Sally, Gillian, Caroline, Dave Griffiths Says:

    Hi Scott!
    Everyone here at church is praying for you.
    We’re all worried…You’ll make it out fine, we know you will!
    Stay strong and confident in yourself! It’s the best way to get better.
    Feel better and keep drinking that orange juice! Sleeping’s good too.

    Go get stronger! We’re Praying for you!

    -Gillian Griffiths

    Gene & Chris,

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do. Like Gillian said, we’re praying real hard for you all.


  16. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Dear Scott, Kim, Chris and Gene,
    Dan and I think of you often and remember the fun time we had at Scott’s and his class confirmation party at the Pantones. Hope you all can feel how much your church family cares – our prayers are with you all.
    Jennifer and Dan Smith

  17. Tor, Gayla, Tristan and Lydia Blaisdell Says:

    Dear McMurrays,
    We are praying for all of you during this difficult time. Both of my parents are cancer survivors, and I remember how painful the whole thing is – from the gut-wrenching diagnosis through treatment and now living as a survivors. I know that they both felt that support groups were very helpful. Talking to others who are going though a similar experience might help Scott express feelings he might not feel comfortable saying normally. My mom also talks about how at first she felt abandoned by God when she got her diagnosis, but then during her treatment she said that at some point she knew God was with her and holding her hand. I’m sure God is with Scott now too. I know Hitchcock is with you.
    Please let us know if we can help in any way.
    Gayla, Tor (Tristan and Lydia) Blaisdell

  18. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hi Scott:

    “They” say that laughing makes people heal better, and it will sure make anyone FEEL BETTER. Here’s a link to one list of funniest movies ever (there are others, just Google “funniest movies”) –


    We also recommend the Black Adder series featuring Rowan Atkinson, and, if you like silly, all of the classic Mr. Beans. In the current election ramp-up, the series, Yes, Minister (and later Yes, Prime Minister) is sure to bring a chuckle. These are available on NetFlix or if you want we can lend them to you.

    What kind of music are you into? Let Jean at the office know and if we have anything that matches – John has a huge, diverse collection all digitized – we’ll load it onto a USB drive for you to transfer to your MP3 player…who can have too many MP3s?

    Just know that even those of us at Hitchcock who don’t know you or your family well are still part of your church family and we are praying and cheering for you.

    Barbara, John, Jordan, and Justine Hudock

  19. Eileen Flagg Says:

    Dear Scott, Kim, Chris and Gene
    Please know that we are all praying for you. Scott, you have been officially added to my dad’s evening prayer list. It takes him an hour every night. It has worked for others and I KNOW it will work for you, he is that good. Hans Jr. says hello and wants nothing more then to see you are the club this summer, so get better soon. We are here if you need anything!
    Lots of love,
    Eileen and family

  20. Julia Kelly Says:

    When I see you next, I want a High-Five for figuring out this blog…it’s my first. I’ve read the remarks from Hitchcock members – oh, how I miss them!! I miss the ones I haven’t even met, like that Hudock chick. She sounds like she’d be fun – and what a great resource for laughs and tunes. Joanna Tsuyuki. REREAD hers! Could you please get strong and come home to Hitchcock soon? Love always, Julia

  21. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Barbara Hudock is so right about laughter! When Gillian was bedridden last year for three months, we watched a lot of funny movies (Mrs. Buck is a great source of DVDs, and we have quite a collection too), and since Gillian wasn’t much up for reading novels, she read lots and lots of joke books and cartoons, (and Manga). We also have a diverse mix of music here. Perhaps we should surprise you with a traveling lending library???? Just let us know if you’re up for it.
    Keep strong and positive. You’re going to beat this! There are too many people praying for you for God to let you and all of them down.
    Sally & family

  22. Sally Griffiths Says:

    I forgot to add this:

    A dog walks into a bar, and asks the bartender for a job. The bartender says, “Why don’t you try the circus?” The dog says, “Why would the circus need a typist?”

  23. Susan Branche, DJ and Marcus Says:

    Susan Branche, DJ and Marcus Holloway are thinking of all of you! Scott, you are in our prayers and we send our wishes your way. Marcus wants to take an electric guitar lesson from you when you get better!

    God Bless and Protect all of you. Susan

  24. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All, Scott has been hospitalized since Thurs. as his white blood count was way down and a fever developed…It was on the rebound as of yesterday but still not at a level to release him..Keep those prayes comming PLEASE, at this point it is amazing how many prayer groups have included Scott, NY to VA, Fl, Ca Ill PA, literaly from Coast to Coast and even accross the sea to Scottland…..Thank you all for all the support that we have recieved from inside and out of the Hitchcock community, Love to all, Gene & Chris

  25. Venetta Amory Says:

    God’s love is amazing! We are called upon to praise Him—no matter what! Please ask Scott to rest comfortably knowing that God is holding him in his arms and He always will!

    We all love you Scott…your delicious sense of humor…and yes, we love the rest of your family too!

    The Amorys join the rest of the church clan in praying and counting our blessings…

  26. Steve Taylor Says:

    To answer Barbara’s previous question, Scott likes the Beatles.

  27. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi Everyone, Scott got home from the hospital yesterday (Sunday) evening as his white blood count rebounded far quicker than the doctors expected..good news…we are glad he is home…..We picked up the electric guitar that was so genorously donated by the fantastic folks of Hitchcok, Scott is playing it as I write…Thank You all so much…We hope he has a good week the next few days as chemo starts again next week…Steve Taylor is righ on when he says Scott LOVES the Beatles…He is also heavily into Pink Floyd, Led Zeplin, The Who and Lynard Skinard. (please excuse the spelling.)….He is also a bit of a movie buff, anything in the last 10 years that would interest the average teen…..Best thoughts to all….Pass the word about this site as it is a great way to communicate with everyone……Love to all….Gene

  28. Gene McMurray Says:

    One other thing…my email is mcgeno@optonline.net if anyone wants to contact us directly….Gene

  29. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:

    Hey Scott,

    Glad to hear you are home and enjoying the guitar. I am following in Sally Griffith’s footsteps and sending you a joke. You can decide if it’s good or bad. I have my own opinion. Did you Hear about the wedding between the two antennas? The service was good, but the reception was fabulous.

    Feel good,

    Sally Hall

  30. Ilkyu Lee Family Says:

    Hello Scott and Family,
    You are all in our prayer every single day. We belive God always gives His best to those who leave the choice with Him. Stay strong and feel better. Wishing your day be filled with love and strength! God bless you all.
    Ilkyu & Meesuk

  31. Gail McDaniel Says:

    Good Morning Scott – Just wanted to tell you we are thinking of you. It’s a little rainy and gray today, but the sun will be out tomorrow; so it’s a good day to get some rest. I know you are aware of how many people are here for you and praying for you, but you may not be aware of how you have pulled so many people together. God works in mysterious ways.

    Love and hugs to you Chris, Gene and Kim,
    Gail McDaniel, Michael & Katie Loeb

  32. Jeremy Whyte Says:

    Hey Scott,

    Hows it going buddy? Long time no see, just checking in. I heard you’re in Arizona for the super bowl, thats awesome!! Hope you have a great time. Just wanted to let you know you’re in my prayers and I know a person as strong will stay that way. Hope to see you soon when you get back you get back to New York.

    Jeremy Whyte

  33. Jeremy Whyte Says:

    I meant to say “strong as you”, lol, sorry about that

  34. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Hi Scott,

    Glad you’re out of the hospital, and going to the Super Bowl.

    I thought I was the biggest Beatles fan in the history of the world! You must have a lot of their CDs (if there is something you don’t have, let me know and I’ll see if I do).

    I have the Beatles Anthology on DVD – would you like to borrow it? It’s a set of 5 DVDs. And I have A Hard Days night on DVD too. Have your mom or dad call or email me, and I’ll get them to you.

    A police dog responds to an ad for work with the FBI. “Well, says the personnel director, “You’ll have to meet some strict requirements. First, you must type at least 60 words per minute”.

    Sitting down at the typewriter, the dog types out 80 words per minute.

    “Also,” says the director, “You must pass a physical and complete the obstacle course.”

    This perfect canine specimen finishes the course in record time.

    “There’s one last requirement,” the director continues; “you must be bilingual.”

    With confidence, the dog looks up at him and says, “Meow!”

    Stay strong!

    Sally & family

  35. Tor, Gayla, Tristan and Lydia Blaisdell Says:


    Two comedians I have discovered on YouTube are Russell Peters and Jeff Dunham ( a ventriloquist but yes very hip and VERY funny) God Bless and we’re prayin for you every day!

    the Blaisdells

  36. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Well, McMurrays, I truly believe the Giants won because Scott and Gene were there! I mean, what else could explain it, (except maybe the Giants defense)? So, I know there are a whole lot of New Yorkers that would join me in thanking you guys!


  37. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hi Scott:

    Thanks for pushing those Giants over the goal line!!

    O.K. John has his marching orders. I’ll ask him to include music he thinks you might like as well as the current faves. Though everyone here loves the Beatles (Hard Days Night is one of the girls’ favorite movies) I’m sort of a classical music nerd so no surprise this is my favorite humor vid on YouTube: http://youtube.com/watch?v=ifKKlhYF53w.

    Also, since you are battling the biggest evil overlord of all, you need to consult this list. http://www.eviloverlord.com/lists/overlord.html
    Message: where the villian is weak, you are strong! O.K. enough moralizing. This is just plain funny!

    Praying for healthy blood counts…

    The Hudocks: Barbara, John, Jordan & Justine

  38. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hi Scott:

    Today I found this song lyric that Justine (9) wrote. It’s about fighting for something even though you feel scared. I don’t know what she was thinking about when she wrote it. I know she intended it as a song lyric, though, because she notes: “Beauty & the Beast tune”. I can’t quite fit the words to that tune! Anyhow, even though it comes from a 9-year old, with some Seussisms, I thought I’d pass it along.

    You Can Do It All

    I want to be free
    With all my heart I want to be
    But can’t it…?
    Or shan’t it…?
    I don’t knowwwwww!
    Take a chance!
    Try Hard!
    Wait and Seeeee!
    Don’t hold back
    Push forward
    For once in your life be brave
    Be a knight in shining armor
    For once
    Slay a dragon!
    Push a wagon
    Just try…
    For once.
    You don’t have to be a scaredy cat!
    You don’t have to always hold back
    Big or small
    Small or tall
    You can do it all
    And have a balllllllllll!

    : ) by Justine

  39. Jim Buck Says:

    Het Scott,
    Thanks for bringing my Giants home as champions. What an awesome game! Wish I could have been there with you and your father!
    See you soon,

  40. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All….Sorry its been a while since the last update, but Scott and I have been out of town at the SUPER BOWL….What a game, we had a great time, American Airlines had a bit of trouble getting us home (a day and a half late) but we are home safe and sound…Scott began his second round of chemo yesterday, all things considered, is doing well, we have not yet gotten any indication on how he is responding but should know in the next few weeks….Scott is on his electric guitar regularly and even keeps the volume at a manageble level….Our entire family is so greatful for all the support inside and outside the Hitchcock Community…I will keep you all posted and please do not let up for a moment on the flow of prayer being offered on Scotts behalf…..Love To All…..Gene

  41. Joanna Tsuyuki Says:

    Glad you’re safely back from Arizona and I join all the othe Giants fans in saying what a game you had to attend!!! We continue to pray that the chemo does its job and all continues to move as smoothly as possible for you folks.
    Joanna Tsuyuki

  42. Peter Adams Says:

    Hi Scott, You have been in my thoughts often. God will take care of you. I am sure. Keep the faith. You will remain in my prayers. Hang tough and allow your family to spoil you. You are loved!

    Peter & Joan Adams

  43. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hi Scott:

    We were talking about music and somehow the topic of Weird Al came up and how as funny as his videos are, you appreciate them even more if you watch the original video and then the spoof. Here are two we like:

    The Saga Begins (Star Wars)/American Pie

    Amish Paradise/Gansta’s Paradise

    We are praying for good news on the chemo therapy!

    Barbara & family

  44. Judy & Neil Bicknell Says:

    Scott —

    We’re wishing you well, and sending warm thoughts on this beautiful snowy day.

    Judy & Neil

  45. Gail McDaniel Says:

    Good morning – Didn’t expect snow, but here it is. Actually it’s quite beautiful. Good day to be inside, unless you have to shovel.

    Have you noticed all the sports sections have moved on from Football to Baseball? 38 days to Yankee opening day. Can’t wait.

    Just wanted to say hello.

    Gail, Michael and Katie

  46. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Hi Scott,

    I thought about you yesterday when Caroline wanted to look at the electric guitars at a music store in the Palisades Mall. Even if one can’t play them, they sure are beautiful to look at! She had her eye on a sexy red one. Caroline plays the cello, but she wants to learn guitar (who can blame her?). My folk guitar has no strings, because some clown I knew years ago thought it would be cool to put steel strings on it and they pulled the bridge up. Oh, well.

    Take care, we’re all thinking good things for you!

  47. Sally Griffiths Says:

    I forgot to add that my favorite Weird Al video is “Like a Surgeon” . If you haven’t seen it, you should also check it out on youtube.

  48. Betsy Broyd Says:

    Hey Scott – the Broyds are thinking about you today. Peyton is coming home from Furman for her winter break on Sunday (she has two exams tomorrow and then she’s done for the winter tri-mester!). She wanted me to send you her regards and she hopes to be in touch next week when she’s in town.

    Lots of love and good wishes on this snowy Friday from Betsy, Graham, James and Peyton Broyd

  49. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All, Scott has finnished round 3 of chemo… He says he is feeling fine and seems to have more energy…..We will have two scans and a bone marrow in the near future to get an idea on how he is responding…Otherwise life is as normal as it posibly can be..We are planning a blood drive probably in the early part of June, we will certainly post more info on this site as it comes available…..Thanks again for all the support….Love, Gene

  50. Jeanne Billings Says:

    Hi, McMurrays –

    Check your emails tomorrow for Hitchcock Happenings, when we will start to promote the Scott McMurray Blood Drive here at the church on June 1st. I have a feeling that they will be hanging from the rafters! We’ll have to turn them away at the door (not!)

    Anyway, we are all very much with you, in hearts, minds and, soon, “blood.” Stay positive. We are.

    Jeanne Billings

  51. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:


    Just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Also, everyday I’m thinking about you and wishing you the best.

    Sally Hall

  52. Jennifer Smith Says:

    Hi Scott – When our son Zachary, needed blood over 20 years ago, everyone in the church who was his blood type, came out in droves. We told him that he had half the church running through his veins, so he’d better behave (of course that didn’t usually work). Anyway, the Smiths are thinking of you – more jokes on the way too.

  53. The Williams Family Says:

    Hello Scott and the McMurray family. We just wanted you to know that we are thinking about you, praying for you, and sending lots of positive energy your way.

    Carla, Art, Ciara, and Daegan Williams

  54. Steve T Says:

    I happened to see in the Journal-News that Scott was named commissioner of police for New Rochelle for a day. Congrats Scott.


  55. Steve T Says:

    Whoops – I meant Mount Vernon. I always get those two mixed up.

  56. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:


    You are always in our thoughts, but tomorrow we will add an extra prayer for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

    Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma

  57. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi Everyone. Scotts surgury is completed and he has taken another positive step. His immidiate post op period was very difficult (36Hrs) but he seems to have rallied and is showing signs of improvement…He always seems to bounce back quickly wheather it be an infection a chemo traetment or even in this case surgury. We are all so proud of the way he is fighting his battle…..He has responded well to all his treatments and I will try to keep everyone updated……Keep those prayers flowing…They are helping indeed…..Gene

  58. Joanna Tsuyuki Says:

    Glad to hear that things are improving. We will continue to pray for each step along the way. May you all feel God’s love surrounding you and upholding you.

    Joanna, for the Tsuyukis

  59. Sally Griffiths Says:

    We’re sooooooo very glad to hear that Scott is doing well after his surgery. We were thinking of you all during that difficult ordeal. Prayers & Love!

  60. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All…….After speaking to several of you on Thurs. night I came to realize that this site is visited far more than I thought so, I will try to make more frequent updates…Scott is improving from surgury steadily and there is even talk of him going home today, I think maybe one more day but we will see..He is being weened off of pain medication and eating more and more solid food, the Dr. seems very pleased with his progress from the surgury. I will keep you updated every few days or as circumstances arise…keep the prayers and good thoughts commming and we promise to do our part…….Best wishes to you all…..Gene

  61. Sperduto Family (Linda,Joe,Jaclyn,Lexie,Joey & Scarlett) Says:

    Thank you Gene for the info about Scott’s site. We are praying everyday for Scott’s recovery to be quick and easy and if there is anything we can do please don’t hesitate to call. With warm thoughts and prayers! The Sperduto’s

  62. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All, Scott has been in the hospital since Monday, he has a blood infection that has to be brought under control before he can come home..His spirits are somewhat low as he has been bound to a bed for the last two weeks…We always say we are doing ok, but seeing our sons detreriorating health and spirit is painfull beyond description..I will keep you updated and please keep us all in your prayers. Gene

  63. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:

    Scott, Sorry to hear you are still in the hospital. I’m sure you are going crazy. I wonder if a few Pink Flamingoes would cheer you up. We are flocking starting this Monday evening. Just let me know if you want some. I’m sure I could get a few delivered. Hang in there.

    Sally Hall

  64. Dan and Jennifer Smith Says:

    We’re thinking of you all the time and are in our prayers.

  65. The Sorrows Says:

    Gene, Chris, and Scott,
    We think of you often.
    We can only imagine what you are going through. We are thankful every day that you have your Hitchcock family behind you. We would like very much to drop off a basket of get well wishes, fun things to do in the hospital if that is ok with you.
    We make them for Lyndsey Mclaughlin who is in the hospital at least 2 times a year.
    Hugs and Prayers,
    Donna, Steve,Zach and Jimmy

  66. Lorraine Mollo Says:

    Hello to the McMurray Family, I have fond memories of Scott as a first grader at Post Road. I have his last drawing laminated and it hung in my old classroom for some time. Now it is part of a scrapbook that I keep of treasures from my past students. I hope that Scott is feeling better each day. I will pray that Scott soon recovers compleltely and is able to continue with his studies. He must be bored being in the hospital. I hope he has some good books. I want you to know that Post Road staff members will be taking part in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life at White Plains High School on May 30 and 31 in effort to raise money for cancer research. This year I walk in honor of Scott!
    Wishing you all continued faith and prayers, Lorraine Mollo

  67. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi Everybody……Want to let you all know that Scott began his 5th round of chemo today and is doing ok… The surgury is farter and farther behind us now and less and less of an issue every day….It is nice to hear from Lorraine Mollo from The WP School system….I believe you were his 1st grade teacher….Thank you for thinking of us it would be nice to hear from some others in the system…….We are having a blood drive at Hitchcock Presbyterian Church on Sunday 6/1 spread the word…..Thank everyone for their continued prayers and good wishes…..Gene

  68. Gene McMurray Says:

    If anyone would like to contact me directly;


  69. Joanna Tsuyuki Says:

    We continue to pray for every phase of the treatment and look forward to hearing how things are going. God be with you all.

  70. Martha Flanders Says:

    Scott, Chris, Gene and Kim

    You are in our thoughts and prayers every day.

    I spoke with Kit yesterday (she’s staying in Boston taking classes this summer) and she sends you her brightest smile and heartiest laugh… remembering your adventures on the Hitchcock Work Camps (she won’t tell me what the adventures were… but she laughs when she recalls them.)
    God be with all of you.


  71. Gayle Cratty Says:

    Dear Scott,

    The Cratty’s are thinking of you and pray that you are getting stronger with each waking day. Our love and good wishes are with you and your family. Know that many prayers are said for you. We love you Scott, you are one courageous young man. Keep your spirits high and may it help to know that we are all in your court.
    With love and good wishes,
    Gayle, Tom, Jason & Jennifer

  72. Judy & Neil Bicknell Says:

    Dear Scott,
    We are wishing you and all your family a happy holiday weekend. We hope the renewal of spring coincides with a renewal of strength and health for you.
    Our love,
    Judy and Neil

  73. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hello Everyone….Happy Memorial Day!!! Scott is getting ready for his 6th chemo round which will begin on Tuesday..He is out and about with his friends who are now home from school. He is leading a somewhat normal life outside of treatment but tires easily and usually is home much earlier than usuall. His treatment is pretty much going as planned but with most cancers we will not know how effective it was until till it is over….Hope to see you all at the blood drive on June 1…..Keep those prayes and good wishes comming…..Love to All…….Gene

  74. Sally Griffiths Says:


    Some quotes to ponder:

    “An empty taxi stopped, and Hilary Clinton got out.”

    “Talk is cheap because supply exceeds demand”

    “Old people shouldn’t eat health food. They need all the preservatives they can get”
    Robert Orben

    “Toot’s Shor’s restaurant is so crowed, nobody goes there any more.”
    Yogi Berra

    “Are you going to come quietly, or do I have to use earplugs?”
    From the Goon Show

    “If you drink don’t drive. Don’t even putt.”
    Dean Martin

    “In every fat book, there’s a thin book trying to get out.”

    “He who laughs, lasts.”

    “Everything hurts.”
    Michaelangelo Antonioni

    If Today Was a Fish, I’d Throw It Back In.
    Song title

    “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans.”
    John Lennon

    “Never forget that the most powerful force on earth is love.”
    Nelson Rockefeller to Henry Kissinger

    We love you Scott, and we know what you’re going through is really crummy.

  75. The Carro Family Says:

    Keep going you guy’s! Not everyone has your strength. God Bless you…
    we shall see you soon today and hopefully thereafter for golf and beach! Tons of congrat’s to KIM WAY TO GO Kimberly!!!! You must have great parents! Love, Liz

  76. Barbara Hudock Says:

    OMG what an amazing turnout at the blood drive. Scott, you helped so many people today…those who will get the blood, and all of us who donated thinking of you.

    I have a suggestion.

    What about a “Go the Extra Mile with Scott” campaign that encourages people donate every 8 weeks or so on-goingly for as long as it takes for you to be cancer free (or longer if they want)? Folks participating could set up the appts at the blood center at their convinience and when they donate have the donation credited to your “group number”.

    I don’t know if this is possible but it would be a great way to continue the terrific vibe from the blood drive at church today, letting people support you in a tangible way while also helping others in need.

  77. Sally Griffiths Says:

    I too was just in awe of how many people were there! And did you notice all the people with the red stickers on (myself included)? That so many people gave blood for the first time says a lot about the McMurray family. Great job Chris, Gene, Scott & Kim! I would be willing to Go the Extra Mile with Scott….

  78. Gene McMurray Says:

    Thanks to everyone who attended, helped, donated or even had a good thought concerning the blood drive it was a huge success in so many ways and was great for our spirits…..Scott has been hospitalized since Thurs June 5, we hope to have him back home in the next couple of days before he begins Chemo next week…He has been thru so much already and barring the occasional weak moment he is holding together well..He is concentrating right now on getting well but realizes all the good will that has been sent in his direction,,,,,Keep the prayers and good thoughts comming…Gene Mc

  79. Steve Sorrow Says:

    I have collected about 25 hats for you since you are sporting a very handsome new hair style these days, look for a package soon. I mention you right along with Zach and Jimmy every single night in my prayers – I
    have connections up there you know!
    God Bless,

  80. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hey Scott,

    We just returned from TN and VA. Wish I’d thought to bring you back a Smokey Mountain themed hat! Last night we watched the flick, Stardust (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0486655/). Not sure if this is up your alley but extremely well-done fantasy, funny, great cast, happily ever after type fun. We haven’t seen any of the in theaters now flicks as we usually wait for stuff to come out on NetFlicks, but the new Will Smith and Eddie Murphy movies look great. Hope you are catching some rays btw “rays”. We are praying for you.


  81. The Williams Family Says:

    Hi to Scott and the McMurray family. We just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings and strength.
    Carla, Art, Ciara, and Daegan

  82. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All…..Sorry I have not posted in a while…Scott has completed the 7th and finnal round of chemo and is about ready to undergo the stem cell phase which consists of massive chemo and reintroduction of his own stem cells. It is a redical procedure but with a big payoff, so please say an extra prayer when you get the chance….Durring the down time between treatment Scott has had the chance to get out with his friends and enjoy life until Saturday when he fell from a skatebourd and broke his wrist,,Can you believe that???? Kim Chris and myself are doing well but apprehensive about this next phase….Please remember us all and I will keep you posted,,,Love, The McMurrays

  83. Sperduto Family (Linda,Joe,Jaclyn,Lexie,Joey & Scarlett) Says:

    Scott, we are praying for you and your family every day! Glad to hear you felt well enough to skateboard but not glad to hear you broke your wrist. Hope it heals quickly. You have a remarkable family! Stay strong! Best, The Sperduto’s

  84. Barbara Hudock Says:

    Hey Scott:

    Sorry to hear about the wrist! I hope it was at the *end* of the skateboard session. Look at this: http://signmycast.net/. The URL is available and you could set it up and we could all sign your cast, virtually!

    Definitely praying extra on the stem cell treatment…


  85. Jennifer and Dan Smith Says:

    When it rains, it pours. I remember when our Zack was scheduled for open heart surgery and he broke his leg the week before – they had to split the cast before surgery and tape it together. Of course, it didn’t slow him down a bit….hope you at least got a cool color instead of the old plain white ones they used to have.
    As always, our prayers and thoughts are with you all.

  86. Joanna Tsuyuki Says:

    Hi, McMurrays,
    Hope the stem cell phase has gotten off to a good start. We are praying that all will go well. God is with you all through this difficult time.

  87. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hello All,
    Scott is done with the chemo phase of his stem cell treatment and after a day of rest will be given back his own stem cells that were harvested in April. So far everything has gone well. The biggest risk now is infection until his blood counts begin to rise. His spirits are good he really is showing us how amazing he really is…..One other thing I will ask of you all is when you say a prayer for Scott please give a word of thanks for all the woderful people down at Montefiore who are taking care of him….They are very,very special people….we love you all…..Gene

  88. Martha Flanders Says:

    Gene, Chris, Scott and Kim

    We are thankful that Scott’s treatment is going well and that his spirits are good. You are all in our prayers- and that includes the dedicated doctors and nurses at Montefiore!

    Martha, Kit and Drew

  89. Steve Sorrow Says:

    You know since Hitchcock got a “new sheriff in town” – the
    Big Guy upstairs is paying extra attention to everything going on
    in and around the church.
    And YOU are on TOP OF THE LIST!
    Keep smiling and keep praying!
    God Bless you!
    The Sorrows

  90. Jeanne Billings Says:

    Dear McMurrays,

    Just want you to know how many people have “checked in” with me this week for an update on our Scott. You are very much in everyone’s thoughts and prayers, this week and every week. In the words of our buddy, Steve Sorrow, I hope that you are able to “feel the love,” because it is overwhelming.

    Much love of my own,
    Jeanne Billings

  91. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Hi all,

    We are among the many thinking of you, hoping and praying.

    The Griffiths

  92. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi Everybody, Scott has turned the corner on his stem cell treatment…His counts are rising steadily and we expect him home and leading a somewhat normal life in the next week or so. He is doing well. The treatment going forward will be 6 weeks of radiation and then we hope to be done, then the family hopes to get away to the Carribean for the holidays, believe me we could all use it….We are not out of the woods and may never be but the light is shinning just a bit brighter these days….Please continue to keep us in your prayers,,,,,Gene & Chris

  93. Sperduto Family (Linda,Joe,Jaclyn,Lexie,Joey & Scarlett) Says:

    We have been checking the blog every day and we are so happy to read this news. Thank God!!!!! You guys all deserve the best!
    The Sperdutos

  94. Betsy Bush Says:

    We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Betsy, Steve, Helen and Jack Bush

  95. Venetta Amory Says:


    That’s great news! Keep looking toward the light!

    Love to all,


  96. Tom, Gayle, Jason and Jennifer Cratty Says:

    Dear Gene, Chris, Kim and Scott,

    We have been praying for you Scott throughout our travels and am so glad to hear that the stem cell treatment is making a difference. Our love and prayers continue for all of you and all those wonderful people at Montefiore.

    Our love is with you all,
    Tom, Gayle, Jason and Jennifer

  97. The Lipton's Says:

    Team McMuarry,

    It is great to hear that this phase of the stem cell treatment has gone well. We are keeping you all in our prayers. Six weeks will go by in no time (just look at how quickly this summer has gone) and before you know it you will be in the sunny Carribean. 😉

    Love, Hugs & Kisses to you all,

    Storm, Norm & Yzette…

  98. Martha Flanders Says:

    Dear Gene, Chris, Scott and Kim

    What great news! You and your Montefiore caregivers continue in our prayers. Hope to see you in church before your well deserved and much needed Carribean holiday.

    Love to all
    Martha, Kit and Drew

  99. Sally Griffiths Says:

    What wonderful, wonderful news!!! We are all so thankful and happy this phase has gone so well. We continue to keep you all in our thoughts!

    Sally, Dave, Gillian & Caroline

  100. Gene McMurray Says:

    Scott is home again after spending another week in the hos[ital with an infection…He is really getting tired of the hospital….His spirits are much better at home…..He is thru about 75% of the treatment regime and can see the end in sight….He just wants to get in his car and hang out with his friends we all hope he can do that soon……Thanks as always to our fantastic friends who made getting thru this a bit easier…..Gene

  101. Tor Gayla Tristan and Lydia Says:

    Hi McMurrays!

    Greetings and prayers from our new home in Ellensburg, WA!

    Glad to hear things are going so well and Scott is hanging so tough.

    You’re 3/4’s of the way there, Praise God!

    All the very best!

  102. barbara1127 Says:

    Hey Scott:

    It must feel good to be home. How’s the guitar? You are famous in Cortlandt Manor as my friends at the Reformed Church here has been praying for you! No more infections!!!

    Barbara Hudock & Family

  103. Steve Sorrow Says:

    Glad to hear that you are hanging tough my man! Keep
    up your spirits and remember we think of you constantly.
    God Bless,
    The Sorrows

  104. Steve Taylor Says:

    Even beyond these comments, you are in people’s prayers every day. We are all with you.

  105. Chip, Sally, Andrew and Emma Says:

    I agree with Steve Taylor. You may not hear from us, but we are all thinking about you. Keep up the good work.

    The Halls

  106. Venetta Amory Says:

    Hi Gene and Chris,

    It was good to see you at church recently! You must know that everyone continues to pray for your family and Scott. Keep holding on to your faith and love for God, no matter what..

    Best, as always,


  107. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hi All, Scott begins the final phase of his treatment this week which is radiation. There are indeed some unpleasant side effects but the fact that his treatment is ending is some comfort to us all…He has been able to get out quite a bit in the last couple of weeks as well as visit Delhi (his school.) We dont expect him to be to active as we go forward. I appreciate all the prayers, good wishes and the good food you all have provided. keep Scott and his family in your prayrers and thoughts….best wishes….Gene

  108. Sperduto Family (Linda,Joe,Jaclyn,Lexie,Joey & Scarlett) Says:

    Hi McMurrays,
    So glad to see you posted! We will continue praying for Scott and you guys and are happy to hear that Scott got to visit Delhi and get out with friends. The best of luck to you during this phase of treatment. If there is ever anythiing we can do please don’t hesitate to ask. We mean it.
    God Bless,
    The Sperduto Family

  109. Sally Griffiths Says:

    Dear Gene and Chris,

    We continue our prayers for you all. I know this ordeal has been more hellish than anything we could ever imagine. Scott has been so brave… Please let him know how terrific we think he is.

    Much love,

    Sally, Dave, Gillian & Caroline

  110. Venetta Amory Says:

    Dear Gene and Chris,

    How is Scott? He (and you) have been on my mind… I hope all is as well as can be….Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow, Praise Him all creatures here below…

    Let us know.

    Love to all,


  111. Dan and Jennifer Smith Says:

    Dear McMurrays,
    We hope you all can feel the love and support that your Hitchcock family keeps sending you. Stay strong. Love, Dan and Jennifer

  112. Kevin Frost Says:

    Dear Gene and Chris,

    I went to school at Delhi and I am a brother of Rho Chi Phi. We all wish the best for you and your family!

    Best Wishes,
    The Brothers of Rho Chi Phi

  113. Gene McMurray Says:

    Hello Everyone, Our boy is in the home stretch, 6 more radiation treatments and he is done….Then we just wait for the monthly scans..Scott had a weeks interuption for a weeks stay in the hospital due to an infection.With that hurdle cleared he is back at it..He is well enough to get out with friends on a limited basis but that certainly should improve once he completes this last week or so…..Please continue to keep us in your prayers and thank you all for the amazing show of support from everyone….Love, Gene

  114. Barbara Hudock Says:

    That’s great news!! The hard stuff feels easier when the end is in sight! Way to go, Scott!

    Barbara & family

  115. Gene McMurray Says:

    To all of our friends,
    Scott has completed his treatment!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!! Let us all hope and pray that this terrible disease has left his body and that he gains a bit of strength each day…He has been absolutly amazing throughout this ordeal..He has faced far more than anyone should yet he continually pushed forward even when he didnt want to or didnt think he could….We are all so proud of him….Thanks to everyone who in their own way brought us a bit of comfort. we know that challanges lay ahead but for today we have cleared a giant hurdle……we love you all….Scott, Chris, Kim and Gene

  116. Sperduto Family (Linda,Joe,Jaclyn,Lexie,Joey & Scarlett) Says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!HE IS A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WONDERFUL WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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